March 14 1974
A male streaker ran down Junction Street, Nowra, during Thursday night shopping, sparking a rash of similar occurrences during the week.
March 17 1917
An elephant named Jessie, attached to Wirth's Circus which was visiting Nowra, decided that she had gone far enough and sat down - in the middle of the Nowra bridge. All traffic was stopped as the horses refused to go near the animal. All attempts to move her failed, including one which was to bring the steam ship "Bermagui" alongside the bridge and hoist her by means of the ship's crane. Unfortunately, this attempt came to nought as the ship stuck on a sand bank. Eventually somebody decided to bring another elephant and Jessie, seeing her mate, quietly got up and continued her journey to the station.
May 19 1951
A new temporary hospital of 20 beds overlooking Greys Beach, Nowra, on the Shoalhaven River, was opened by J G Beale, MLA. The Nowra private hospital called Bridge Road Hospital had closed late in 1950 leaving Nowra with only a maternity hospital, Edman Hospital, for several months. Dr. J Rodway then unlocked the door and threw the key to the crowd, remarking that the doors of the hospital would remain open to the people.
The foundation stone for the new St. Michael's Roman Catholic School, Nowra, was laid by the Most Rev Dr. T McCabe, Bishop of Wollongong, using the same trowel that was used to lay the foundation stone of the original St. Michael's school, 80 years before in 1877.
May 28 1934
Nowra Municipal Council adopted as its crest the male lyre bird design subsequently used by the Shoalhaven Shire Council. It was presented by M F Morton, MLA for Wollondilly, having been designed by Hon. John Lane Mullins, MA, Member of the Legislative Council of NSW. It carried the motto "Uber Et Saluber" meaning fruitful and healthful (or fruitful and bountiful).
June 9 1888
The first game of football was played in Nowra, between the local side and Broughton Creek (Berry) on the ground adjacent to the Imperial (Empire) Hotel. The entrance fee was 2/6 and the colours worn by Nowra were yellow and purple with a black cap. Broughton Creek were red, white and blue. Nowra won 2-Nil (the following week Broughton Creek defeated Nowra 5-4).
July 18 1883
Anton Wolf of Nowra was granted a publican's license to operate a house (hotel) on the corner of Junction & Kinghorn Streets. This was to become the Prince of Wales Hotel which opened in December 1883. Despite being partially burnt down in 1901 (and subsequently rebuilt) the Prince of Wales lasted 97 years when it was demolished to make way for a Best & Less store.
August 15 1888
A special prayer service for rain to break the drought was held by the Protestant Clergymen in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Nowra.
October 18 1905
The Bank of Australasia opened a branch at Nowra on the eastern side of Walsh's store (Junction Street?). This made 4 banks in Nowra, the others being the Commercial Banking Co of Sydney, the Government Savings Bank of NSW and the Australian Joint Stock Bank. In these times each bank in Australia issued its own bank notes, a practice which continued until 1911 when the Commonwealth Treasury took over the function and standardised Australian notes.
October 30 1937
Laying of the foundation stone for the Nowra Ambulance station at the corner of Plunkett and Kinghorne Streets.
November 5 1878 - Tuesday 5th November
Calamia of Nowra, trained by Etienne De Mestre wins the Melbourne Cup. This was the fourth horse and fifth win for the Shoalhaven. Calamia won an easy victory (2 lengths) from Tom Kirk and Wasay (a further length behind). First prize was £1,790, the crowd was 80,000 and there were 30 starters. Calamia started at 10/1 and carried 8 stone 2 lbs. The winning time was 3 minutes 35¾ seconds.
November 7 1978 - Tuesday 7th November
Arwon (from Nowra) wins the 117th Melbourne Cup. Arwon, originally from New Zealand, originally called Flash Guy but now with a Nowra connection in part owner Jack Watson, wins the Melbourne Cup. Arwon is Nowra spelt backwards. This was the fifth horse and sixth Melbourne Cup win for the Shoalhaven. The 1978 Cup was the first to be televised live to the people of Melbourne. The crowd of 80,903 was below expectations. Arwon won by half a neck from Dandaleith and a further neck from Karu. Prize money was $130,000 and trophies of $10,000. There were 22 starters. Arwon started at 5/1 and carried 50.5 kg. The winning time was 3 minutes 24.3 seconds. (The record was set at 3 minutes 19.1 seconds in 1968). (The Melbourne Cup went metric in 1972 and changed from 2 miles to 3,200 metres).
November 25 1915
Men from Nowra and places south began entering camp at the Nowra Showground. They were to take part in the Waratahs "Cooee" recruiting march to Sydney.
December 31 1871 The Municipality of Nowra, excluding rural areas, was gazetted.

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