World renowned, Melbourne-based artist, Adnate (Matt Last) arrived in Nowra on Sunday 27th September to start Nowra Alive’s latest public art project on the rear wall of the Nowra Library.

Adnate flew in from Singapore where the Governor General helped finish his latest project ’50 Bridges’ to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Singapore. The Shoalhaven was Adnate’s one stop before flying out to Johannesburg for another project.

Over four consecutive days Adnate transformed a forgettable lifeless brick wall in Nowra’s Egans carpark into a beautiful masterpiece!

His piece is inspired by a photograph taken while travelling around the remote deserts of Australia’s Northern Territory. It incorporates a yellow-tailed black cockatoo - a totem to the people of Nowra and the Yuin Nation.

Head to the Egans Lane carpark, Nowra and check it out for yourself!